LIZARD(7)                     INTERNET PROTOCOLS                     LIZARD(7)

       lizard - a privacy-conscious asynchronous communications platform

       Lizard  is  an  extensible  protocol  suite for asynchronous messaging,
       transported over Tor hidden services.

       Messages are transported asynchronously using relay servers  discovered
       through the Tor hidden service directory.  Users do not cede control of
       their identity to the relay servers, nor do they reveal their  identity
       to  the  relays.  Message confidentiality, integrity, and repudiability
       is ensured using a variant of Signal's Double Ratchet protocol.

       To simplify application development, messages are encoded in an  exten‐
       sible object format inspired by Protocol Buffers and JSON-LD.  Semanti‐
       cally significant additions are distinguished, and  explicitly  negoti‐
       ated  using  a  handshake  that  cryptographically assures mutual prior
       knowledge of the extensions used.

       For applications that require coordinating shared  state,  a  consensus
       mechanism  is  built on top of the object format.  Current consensus is
       mixed into cryptographic key material, to ensure that participants can‐
       not diverge accidentally or maliciously.

       Most  of Lizard is still in the prototype phase, and we lack funding to
       work on it.  Watch this space.

       edef <> and Puck <>

                                  2019-04-01                         LIZARD(7)